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Millennial Parenting & Shopping

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, BuzzMG conducted a national survey where Millennial parents were asked about their family roles and how they are applied when it comes to household purchases.
Millennial families appear to have taken on traditional roles in the household more commonly than not. In the US, 62% of these families report that the father is the main breadwinner and about the same percentage (63%) say that when the responsibilities surrounding children are concerned, the mother is more involved. The same thoughts can be applied to how these families shop; over 80% of these families reported that the mother does most of the shopping, both before and after becoming a mother.
These statistics have a major effect on the way Millennials shop-especially when the shopping is for their children. While 43% report that price is the biggest factor when shopping for themselves, over 74% say that when shopping for their children, quality is the more important factor.
When brand selection and loyalty were brought into the equation, 64% reported that they are more loyal to specific brands than trying new things. In addition, 60% of these families prioritize country of origin when making purchases for their children and an even higher percentage (76%) make purchasing American-made products a priority.
Ultimately, these numbers show that when this generation is shopping for their children, product quality and function are the most important factors. The principal of mothers putting their children before themselves clearly carries over into the shopping realm. One of the parents responded to the survey stating, “Before becoming a parent I would shop for me all the time. Now that I am a mom, when I walk into a store I go straight to the kids’ section first.”