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What Should We Look Forward to in 2018? Here are the Top 10 Trends We’re Anticipating

The start of a new year doesn’t just mean we flip a page in our calendars; for many, a new year means a new beginning, a new outlook, and change. This change can take place in all sorts of ways, whether it be through style or maybe through a change in attitude, but here is a list of trends we believe will hold strong throughout the year 2018.
Soul Seekers
More and more people, in this day and age, are identifying with being more spiritual than religious. In fact, 27% of US adults consider themselves to be this way.
A major factor that contributes to this statistic is the increasing trend to adopt lifestyles. Examples of lifestyles can include healthy living and clean eating, positive thinking, and now spirituality.
Middle-Class Movement
Many people are considering themselves to fall into the middle-class bracket in an effort to move away from being labeled as lower or upper-class. Lately, a person who makes $250,000 per year is now just as likely to identify with the middle-class as someone who makes $30,000 per year.
This type of self-identification is where we can see the social comparison theory in action; those with lower incomes are engaging in upward comparisons and, in reverse, those with higher incomes are engaging in downward comparisons.
Seeking Purpose, With Purpose
Enterprise companies are now directing their marketing efforts to hit consumers’ emotions rather than focusing on promoting the actual products they’re marketing. In addition, job-seekers are now looking to work for companies that align with their beliefs and values rather than primarily focusing on pay rate and notoriety.
With these priorities becoming the new norm, applicants are now taking more consideration in how their potential new employer handles their social media presence, their status in the light of media, whether or not they use their platform for the greater good, and what they ultimately stand for.
Social Shopping
Online ads are the wave of the future when it comes to marketing these days. Advertisements on online media platforms, such as Instagram or YouTube, are now getting high returns on investment (ROI).
The success of these ads is can be primarily attributed to the platforms’ ability to gather information on their users. Most of these platforms are now capable of picking up a user’s age, interests, and locations and use this information to tailor ads to appeal to each user.
Travel Tech
Mobile devices have become the most convenient of travel companions; they can hold your train or flight ticket barcode, provide you with entertainment with podcasts and music, and allow travelers to stay in touch with the world at the same time. In fact, many users don’t even realize how reliant they have become on the devices.
Many people find travel to be a stressful activity and the convenience and ease of technology is helping this stress subside. The apps available now for travel are turning traveling into a more enjoyable experience for all.
Fake News Funnel
Travel isn’t the only thing made easier by technology; keeping up with news and social media is also made more convenient. Not only is news more accessible, but social media platforms are now becoming frequented news sources.
Due to users’ reliance on social media for news updates, fake news has become an increasingly uncontrollable problem. This has become such an issue because rather than obtaining information from a trusted and reliable source, readers are listening and relying on the opinions of others to gather “information.”
#MeToo Movement
Companies worldwide are now making a stronger, and more visible effort, to make work environments safer for women. The #MeToo movement has created an avenue for many women to come forward in exposing poor treatment in the workplace and given them the courage to do it.
This widespread awareness sparked when members of the Hollywood scene started to make an active push in creating a safer world for women. There are now many companies, such as Bumble, that were created specifically in the interest of keeping women safe. In 2018, we hope to see more companies moving in this direction.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption
Artificial Intelligence is booming as computer programs get smarter and user of these programs become more reliant on them. Many larger companies, such as Google or Amazon, have been investing in AI technology; examples of their capabilities include things we use every day like autocorrect or allowing consumers to discover insights.
A famed user of AI is Elon Musk; he created a company that is “developing ultra-high bandwith brain machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.”
Total Transparency
Transparency is becoming a demand among consumers. By earning a customer’s trust, companies are more likely to retain long-term customers and bridge a more emotional connection with them.
In addition to customers, shareholders and employees are also holding higher value in total transparency. It allows them to hold companies responsible and has become a valuable way to contribute to employee satisfaction and success.
Self-Care Society
Traditionally, mental health involves balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life and taking the steps to ensure the enjoyment of life and deal with daily challenges. Mental wellness has taken on a proactive form of mental health.
Because society has stigmatized mental health and mental wellness we, as a society, are now taking steps to acknowledge mental health and maintain mental wellness.
Though these trends tend to change, or sometimes disappear, there are a few we hope stay in place. Happy New Year from Buzz Marketing!