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Three “C’s” For Your Spring Influencer Campaign

You’d think that with three c’s I’m referring to a diamond, but not today. But, when you think about it, an influencer campaign could be exactly what you need to make your brand shine this spring.

One of the top trends this spring is florals, and with florals come color. There’s nothing better to make your influencer campaign stick out more than bright colors. This spring, that color pop is going to be what makes your brand stand out and catch the eye of new buyers.

Content: One of the most important things to do with your influencer campaign is to make sure the content is organic while remaining true to your brand. Something to help with this is coming up with a general idea of what you’d like to see posted and let your influencer do the rest. If you are too particular with what you’re looking for them to post, their followers will view that content more as an ad than a normal post. You’re already paying the influencer so you should get their input on what would look natural on their feed.

Creativity is the third, but not least important, aspect of your spring campaign. Be open to new ideas and trends and be willing to explore ideas your influencers may offer to separate your campaign from the rest. After all, no one knows their followers better than the influencers themselves!