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Millennials & Politics

In a national poll conducted by BuzzMG during April 2018, Millennials were asked to respond with their views on a few hot political topics in the US.

Appropriate to the month of April, one of the topics we polled about was gender pay equality. As you may know, April is the host month of what many celebrate as “Equal Pay Day.” This unofficial holiday, ‘celebrated’ on April 10, stands to raise awareness of the gender pay gap between men and women and is symbolic of how far into a year a woman could potentially have to work to receive equal compensation in comparison to a man the previous year. With this in mind, 97% of the 412 people polled in this study believe that men and women should have equal compensation for equal jobs.

Another hot topic in the US right now is our President and the power he has. Regardless of the fact that he did not win the Presidential election with the popular vote, 84% of those polled state that they ‘like’ Donald Trump. However, this same study shows that Millennials also believe his power should be limited when it concerns many action decisions. For example, 88% say that the President should not be able to authorize military force without Congressional approval. In addition, 73% support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and 80% say that the US should not build a wall along the southern border. These statistics oppose two of the main platforms President Trump ran with during his campaign.

Social Responsibility is another current controversial topic within our country; climate change being the top of the list. While the jury is still out on whether our country will choose to believe in climate change or not, 82% are reporting to support an increase in environmental regulations to prevent it. Also within social responsibility is the decision to get vaccinated and have children vaccinated (or not). Only 58% of those polled believe that the government should require children to be vaccinated for preventable diseases.

Of the Millennials polled in this study, 58% were female and 42% male. 25% have received their high school diploma and the remaining 75% have received their Bachelor’s Degree or have completed a level of education exceeding that.