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Mom's Summer Vacation Report

As the school year dwindles down to a close and summer vacation begins, parents start their search for ways to entertain their children and themselves for the next three months. With summer break quickly approaching, BuzzMG conducted a national survey to ask Millennial moms about their plans for the next few months and vacations they have planned.

Based on our survey, Millennial moms have overwhelmingly shown their love for the beach, with 76% planning trips to the shore this summer. The beach is not the only destination however, many (50%) moms look forward to spending time in a city and 37% will be heading to amusement parks to enjoy roller coasters and other attractions!

Of course, the majority of moms will be heading to these fabulous destinations with great company. 82% of Millennial moms will be traveling with their family, 50% with a significant other, and 28% with friends. Only 7% will be exploring these destinations alone, hopefully with loads of stories and memories to share when they return. 

The majority of respondents (71%) reported that they will be staying at hotels during their summer vacation, but hotels are definitely not the only option! Moms have opted for different types of accommodations during their vacations, including 33% who will be enjoying resorts, 29% making rental apartments or houses feel like home, and 15% roughing their summer vacation by camping! Air B&B has provided a comfortable option for moms and their families as well. With its increasing popularity, 15% of Millennial moms have reserved an AirBnB for their vacations this summer.

While summer vacation may only be a few months for students, most Millennial moms have tried to balance the fun of vacation with reality by limiting the lengths of their trips. 44% of respondents will be on vacation for one-week, and 24% will be away for two weeks. 16% of millennials moms will be away for longer than two-weeks, while another 16% will only be away for a long weekend.

It is important to note the financial costs of taking vacations. 75% will be handling the costs of vacations with their credit cards, while 52% have pre-planned budgets for summer trips. Regardless of the length or costs of their vacations, millennial moms are well organized and prepared for their summer. Parents and children alike have begun the countdown for their summer vacation and much needed break from every day stress.