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New study finds that nearly half of Millennials feel uncomfortable with their bodies

Recent studies have confirmed that Millennials place significant value on quality of life and self-care, particularly when compared to generations before. Of course, the path to maintaining a balanced lifestyle involves physicality – so to learn more about this aspect of Millennial life, BuzzMG conducted a national survey to explore this generation’s experiences with exercise and eating habits.

According to our survey, “being in shape” is important to an overwhelming majority (98%) of Millennials. The importance of physical fitness seems to manifest itself in a few different ways.

With regards to healthy habits, an encouraging 82% of respondents exercise on a regular basis. As with previous generations, exercise can be seen as a way to build strength, to relieve stress or to develop a community with other individuals who enjoy the same activities.

To supplement this physical activity, a little less than half (48%) of respondents follow a diet – which is unsurprising given the large number of publicized diets (e.g., keto, paleo, Whole30) among Millennial communities, especially online. The #fitspo phenomenon is just one example of this interesting trend. The emphasis on food restrictions also stands in contrast with this generation’s enjoyment of food-focused events, such as brunching. In fact, 61% of respondents plan to attend some sort of food festival this summer.

In reviewing this matter, we must also consider the other side of the generation’s focus on physique. Most of our survey respondents (79%) compare their physical appearance to those around them and only 53% of respondents feel comfortable with their bodies. While nearly half (46%) of respondents consider themselves overweight, a larger portion are working towards feeling more confident and in shape through diet and exercise.

BuzzMG learned that millennials make a huge effort to live a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally but are faced with unprecedented challenges given the access to more convenient yet less healthy food. Feeling comfortable with your body is a constant battle for many Millennials and they are well aware and taking action.