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The Buzz on Millennial Relationships

By: Sinduri Soundararajan

With February being known as the month of love, BuzzMG conducted a national survey to learn more about this aspect of Millennial life and explore this generation’s relationship experiences. The cultural shifts that surround our generation have clearly influenced the millennial experience with relationships and love; Growing up with an increased number of divorced parents, being introduced to dating apps and websites, and seeing value in professional over romantic lives have all created a change in millennial perspective.

While growing up with different values and circumstances has often led previous generations to label millennials as scared of commitment, our survey found that much of our generation feels more settled than expected. 74% of respondents are planning on enjoying Valentine’s Day – the majority of millennial buzzspotters are in love and planning on celebrating it! 78% are currently in an exclusive relationship, and 72% are currently satisfied with their relationship. 87% of millennials say that marriage is important to them, signifying that our generation is serious about a commitment to the ones that they love. However, most are still self-sufficient in finding happiness outside of solely their relationship. Only 34% say that their happiness is dependent upon their significant other, showing a break away from conventional relationship dependence and emphasizing our generation’s tendency to place the highest value on self–happiness.

Millennials’ open-minded nature has translated to their relationship preferences and attitudes. To millennials, there is not one way a relationship should be, and our generation more willing to cross social boundaries for love and form connections that run deeper than shared backgrounds. 86% of millennials are open to dating someone from a different ethnicity, 71% are open to dating someone with different religious beliefs, and 69%  open to dating someone with different political views. Rather than deciding partners over cultural similarities, millennials have been proven to care more about character and principles – only 40% are open to dating someone with a history of infidelity. Only a small portion of respondents (13%) said that they are interested in having an affair or sexual experience outside of their relationship and 35% have cheated on a partner in the past. These aspects of their character are seen as more important in deciding relationships than those such as ethnicity, religion, and political beliefs.

The way millennials approach relationships is different than older generations – while commitment and marriage are still seen as important, millennials are also open to casual relationships and self-exploration with identity. 66% of respondents have had a one-night stand and 35% have had a sexual experience with someone of the same sex. Despite changes in values and what we are looking for in a relationship, some aspects of relationships are held consistent throughout generations. While our generation is often independent and self-guided, most (68%) still value the opinions of their friends and family when deciding who to date.

BuzzMG learned that millennials value commitment and relationships but make an effort to explore themselves and others through different relationship styles than previous generations. Millennials are more open to dating individuals of different backgrounds and place a higher value on character over cultural backgrounds. Millennials are making an effort to define their own happiness and to understand how their romantic relationships fit into those definitions.