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Our newsfeeds, cable news reports, and personal messages have all provided constant updates about the rapidly changing and increasingly interesting race to the White House. Only six months away from the election, it’s incredibly difficult to turn away from the headlines and the impact of

2016 is going to be a big year for Millennials. This is the first year that Millennials are officially the largest demographic group in the United States. According to Forbes and Bloomberg, there are now over 85 million Millennials in this country – which means that

It is time for the 2015 Year in Review report! For this month’s buzzReport, we take a look back at the year to determine the key Millennial trends that retailers and marketers must keep in mind when trying to target the seemingly elusive Millennial demographic. What

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to prepare for the 2015 holiday season – for the chilly weather, family gatherings, and home-cooked meals. So here are a few insights from our 2015 Holiday Shopping Report to keep in mind as Millennials get ready to buy

A few years ago, the primary shopping experience involved wandering around a store until you stumbled upon a shirt or pair of shorts that looked good on you. It was simple, brand-dependent, and a bit spontaneous. Things have changed. Now, Millennials are a lot more targeted in

Rising from a new generation of social entrepreneurs is the “for-purpose” organization. This new wave of companies is a step away from the traditions of non-profit organizations and a step toward the efficiency of for-profit entities – a unique combination of a startup mentality and

What do Millennials love more than quality products? Saving money on quality products! It's not rocket science. So here are three simple ways to capture the attention of cost-conscious Millennials. Millennials = Savers Consider this