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As you’ve probably heard, our latest research collaboration with YEC is focused on Millennial entrepreneurship in the United States and we gained some excellent insight into this developing trend. The findings from this study were featured in the Harvard Business Review,, and Money Magazine. Here are a few

  With today’s “shrinking” world, it is becoming easier and easier to travel across borders and oceans into new parts of the world – and Millennials have become a key demographic for many sectors of the travel industry. So BuzzMG sat down with over 400 Millennials

Have you heard of the #BanBossy campaign? After Lean In author Sheryl Sanberg promoted the term, women and men on Twitter, Facebook, and even Google+ are using this hashtag in a sort of feminist movement to ban the word “bossy” from our vocabulary when talking about girls and young

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! Every year, BuzzMG taps into its network of thinkers, analysts, and trendspotters to provide our set of expectations for the upcoming year. This month, we bring you our top ten predictions for the 2014 trends. Check it out: 1. Generation

After witnessing the incredible progress that has been made in technology over the past decade, it is sometimes easy to forget about those who have been born into this tech-savvy world. The children, tweens, and teenagers of today are living in an increasingly tech-centric society